Financing Home Efficiency

Home efficiency upgrades can be expensive. At Energia, we’re proud to offer a variety of financing options that make getting insulationair sealing, and weatherization upgrades easier and more affordable than ever.

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HEAT Loan (Mass Save Program)

Mass Save offers Massachusetts homeowners the chance to obtain financing for a wide variety of home efficiency improvements. The HEAT loan program is just one of their many initiatives. This particular program offers a no-interest loan up to $25,000, with terms of up to 7 years and it simply goes on your electric bill. The loan can be applied for a selection of improvements, including attic, basement, wall insulation, air conditioners, thermostats, and much more.

As a certified Mass Save Participating Contractor, Energia can complete the energy upgrades the program outlines. For a limited time, Mass Save is also offering Expanded Heat Loans that can be applied to deeper energy saving weatherization work, including air sealing.

Holyoke Homeowners: Residential Energy Conservation Program (HG&E)

Residents of Holyoke have access to the Residential Energy Conservation Program, which offers 0% interest loans up to $5,000 for certain home efficiency improvements, or $10,000 for solar system installations. These loans can be applied for a variety of qualifying insulation measures (including attic, wall, floor, and rim joist insulation), which Energia is happy to install.

Single Family Homes:  Can receive a maximum of $5,000 at 0% interest.

Owner Occupied Multi-Family Dwellings:  Dwellings with four or fewer units can receive a maximum of $10,000 at 0% interest with a maximum assistance level of $5,000 per unit.


Don’t let upfront costs of home energy upgrades impact your home efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options & see what is available for you!

There are also municipal utility rebates available across Massachusetts. Be sure to check out our Municipal Utility Rebates & FAQs, and our financing options through the Mass Save Program.

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